Love for me is what makes the world so special. It’s the wonderful people around us that give meaning to nearly everything. Of course the family or friends that fill our lives with love but also the people that we’ve yet to meet. The love we’ve yet to experience. 

It goes without saying that love helps us through the bad times and makes the good times even better. Being able to share something with others makes it all the more worthwhile. Who you share it with really doesn’t matter. 

As our societies begin to break down the need for love will become even greater. It is those communities who can foster the greatest love, support and cooperation who will be best equipped to survive at least a little longer than the rest. They will also be much more pleasant places to inhabit.

It’s vital that we begin that process now. Already hate is beginning to spread across the world. Politicians as ever are adept at exploiting the fears and insecurities that people are suffering diverting the blame from the real cause of the problem- capitalism – and onto the most vulnerable. Immigrants, the unemployed, people with disabilities. As the suffering increases and the number of people forced from their homes becomes a torrent the conditions for the spread of hate become ripe. If we let them. 

We must work to create a wave of love that can swamp the tide of hate. And that means working every day to spread the love. Which actually can be a lot of fun and insanely rewarding.