I have devoted much of my life to fighting climate change. After witnessing the world do less than nothing to prevent it over the last 20 years I have belatedly come to the conclusion that ecological disaster is now inevitable and the resultant collapse of human civilisation a matter of decades away.

The world has already warmed more than 1C and emissions of greenhouse gases are still increasing. We have now breached a series of climate typing points which make catastrophic climate change unstoppable. It’s now not a question of if but when.

So what can one do in response to such knowledge without decending into a pit of despair. I feel there can be only one response – to enjoy life. To strive to ensure the last few years of pleasant living we have left are the best you can make them. For me that is a focus on four broad themes: love, beauty, adventures and laughter

Love: Is Celebrating and tightening the bonds we have with those that we love and forming new bonds with the myriad of inspiring and wonderful people that we share this planet with.

Beauty: which is all around us. The things we can see, and hear and feel and do that can lift our spirits and bring us joy.

Adventures: Exploring this beautiful world while we still have time trying new experiences a

And Laughter: Because sometimes there is nothing better than a good old laugh.

This website is a chronicle of how I reached that conclusion and my own personal response to the knowledge that life is soon to become deeply unpleasant, and untenable not long afterwards.

It will of course be depressing and sometimes angry , but also funny, tender and filled with beauty and love for this beautiful world and the amazing human beings I share it with. I hope you will join me on this journey.


  1. Yep. I reached this conclusion around 2009. For most of the decade before that I did not eat meat, did not fly on aeroplanes and did not own (or drive) a car.

    But then I realized that not enough people were taking the threat seriously enough to make my actions count. So I decided not to be a martyr.

    But I made one decision at that time – to not bring children into a (human) world that I too think will burn itself out (pretty soon).

    Technology may help us (and I hope it does) ….. but I’m not counting on it.

    1. Yes I remember the conversations we had about that. I guess I probably knew you were right even then but didn’t want to admit it.

      I would really love to interview you at some stage to discuss how you have dealt with this knowledge and how it had impacted your life decisions. Let me know if you are up for it.

  2. Very articulate. I’ve always pursued three ideals, which are similar to your three. Mine are: Love, Art, Adventure. Art and beauty go hand in hand, and you and Kim Ngan are role models for those of us still seeking a little adventure.

    1. Mmmm adventure is a great ideal. I might steal your idea. I was going to include adventures under beauty but on reflection realised that some of the most memorable parts of my adventures definitely weren’t beautiful

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